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Kelly Sullivanin a recent interview regarding Kate (and her relationship with Sonny)

There’s a couple of secrets that I know about that will be coming up in the next couple of months… some really great scenes with Kate and Ewen [soon], which is going to open up a whole can of worms that they’re taking in an interesting way. There’s a couple of secrets that are going to be really, very good.” Sullivian also mentioned that she recently worked with Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) for the first time.

Rumor/Spoiler about Kate/Connie:

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Kate or Connie?

Constanza Louise “Connie” Falconeri) that was the name given to her at birth and she lived as that person for 17 years until she got raped and then she created Katherine Hardwicke “Kate” Howard and has been living as her since. To cope with her rape she created Kate and left her memories and life in Bensonhurt behind. Kate could very well be an alter just like the current “Connie” or she could really just be Connie, a person who just changed her name and made herself forget the traumatic times she was living. 

Another thing, if she was born Connie, how could Connie ‘come out’  and do all those bad things if Kate was living her life? If that makes any sense.

Anyone care to add or discuss?

I honestly don’t think that Trey is Kate’s son.

It would be way too easy… have Kate reveal she was raped and had a son and at the same time conveniently introduce a new character.

If they’re going in that direction, then everyone saw it coming but I think the writers are smarter than that and Trey might not even be the son she abandoned. 


Why hasn’t Kate mentioned wanting to find out if her kid did live or not? Most people would want to know that.

She said that she didn’t think her baby survived due to the fact that she left him in a drawer after he was born. She assumed he died because she delivered her baby alone and since she left him in a drawer he died from asphyxiation or malnutrition. 

Anyone else think Kristina’s producer is Kate’s son?


Watching today, it looks like they are setting up for Sonny to be feuding with his girlfriend’s son.

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